Nagababu as TTD President: Old tweet viral

Now that the formalities have been wrapped up and the stage is being prepared for the onset of the Telugu Desam government in Andhra Pradesh, we are hearing an interesting rumor.

As per latest updates, it is heard that Pawan Kalyan's elder brother Nagababu Koniedela might be made the TTD Board President by the incoming TDP+ alliance government.

In this context, an old tweet of Nagababu in which he says he doesn't believe in god is starting to go viral on social media.

I wanted to meet God
& tell him that
He is a Fucking Arrogant,
A top notch Sadist,
A crooked Egoist,
A Psychopathic Stupid &
A Mean Masochistic Being...

His deeeds are so Evil that makes him liable to be hanged till death !

to my Disappointment...
"He never Existed" Nagababu wrote in this tweet.

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