Jagan calls for AP Guv intervention amidst TDP attacks.

YS Jagan appears to have quickly recovered from the intense electoral result that was delivered by AP people overwhelmingly in favor of the TDP+ Kutami in Andhra Pradesh.

Jagan has now tweeted about the orchestrated attacks done by TDP in parts of AP. He claimed that the ruling party is crossing the line and breaking law and order in the state.

There is a very scary atmosphere with Telugu Desam Party orchestrating attacks across the state. Even before the formation of the government, the TDP gangs are on a rampage. Government and private properties like village secretariats and RBIs are being destroyed everywhere. Leaders and activists of YSRCP are left unprotected.

The police system has become dull due to the pressures of the ruling party. The peace and security that has been strong for the last five years has been completely disrupted. We appeal to the Hon'ble Governor to immediately intervene and stop the anarchy of the Greens and protect the lives, property and government property of the people. We stand with every activist and social media soldier who suffered due to TDP attacks, he tweeted.

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