Seniour Journalist Ramesh Babu fallen ill after Jagan's defeat

Senior journalist Tipparaju Ramesh Babu, reportedly after being deeply affected by the defeat of YSRCP party, now has fallen seriously ill and is currently receiving treatment at KIMS Hospital in Hyderabad. Ramesh was known for his critical views against Chandrababu Naidu and Balakrishna.

Ramesh Babu, a prominent figure in journalism, also played a significant role in the NTR Fans Association, where he served both as General Secretary and President. The news of his illness has brought concern among his colleagues and admirers, highlighting the emotional impact political events can have on individuals dedicated to their cause. Babu's condition is being closely monitored, and the community hopes for his swift recovery.

In the recently concluded General assembly election of Andhra Pradesh state,YSRCP party lost the power to TDP- janasenaBJP alliance.

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