Naidu hints at extracting his pound of flesh from Modi

Chandrababu Naidu, the CM-designate of Andhra Pradesh, made his first appearance before the media on Wednesday before leaving for New Delhi to meet with Narendra Modi. He stated that the TDP is very much with the NDA.

However, when the scribes asked him about chances of siding with the INDI Alliance, if any, the TDP supremo said that he is experienced and has witnessed enough political changes in the country. “You people want news. We are in the NDA. I am going to attend the meeting (in Delhi). In the course of time, if anything comes up, we will report," Naidu said.

Naidu may just have indicated that Modi and BJP can't take his support for granted. Analysts say that the TDP will not abandon the NDA because, as the second largest constituent of the NDA, it will get more importance there. In the INDI Alliance, Naidu will have a tough time negotiating with the Congress party.

In the coming days, we will know how many from the TDP will manage to make it to the Modi Cabinet. At least one Ministry is a done deal.

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