Huge shocker: Rs 800 Cr candidate losing in AP

It is known that JSP Nellimarla candidate Lokam Madhavi recently declared that she has assets worth over Rs 800 crore. However, she is not likely to win the election here as YCP's Appalanaidu's prowess is beyond Madhavi's strength.

Appalanaidu Baddukonda's charisma stands out, overshadowing the opponent Lokam Madhavi. JSP heavily relies on TDP vote conversion and anti-government sentiment which doesn't necessarily reflect Lokam Madhavi's own strength.

Although Lokam Madhavi is financially well-off and coordinates both TDP and JSP cadres, Appalanaidu Baddukonda's strong support from the YSRCP loyal vote bank and accessibility to local cadre make him the favorite candidate in this segment. However, Lokam Madhavi's biggest drawback lies in poll management, where the opponent exhibits a high level of skill.

YCP's exceptional poll management will be the deciding factor here as Lokam Madhavi is likely to fall well behind the YCP candidate. Not often do we see a candidate worth Rs 800 crore losing the election so comprehensively.

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