Pawan Kalyan's wild troll on Chiranjeevi backfires

JanaSena chief Pawan Kalyan made a wildly provocative comment on Chiranjeevi today and this has backfired so badly that Mega fans themselves have started to call out Pawan regarding this comment.

Speaking with the media, Pawan said "Many people who want to join JSP are backtracking as they remember the 2009 days when PRP was launched and later removes. They are fearing if JSP will also evict AP politics and are not joining us. Hadn't PRP been established in 2019, we(JSP) would've been in power today."

This comment from Pawan has angered Chiranjeevi's fans and they are now revolting, saying "This Pawan Kalyan launched the party 13 years ago. He doesn't have a single MLA on his side. He himself lost in two constituencies. Him speaking about his godfather Chiranjeevi and saying if it wasn't for PRP, he would've made JSP a strong force is laughable. He needs to keep in mind that Chiranjeevi won 18 MLA seats in his first election while Pawan lost from Kakinada and Bhimavaram"

A few people are adding that Pawan has forgotten his roots by saying Chiranjeevi lifting up PRP is the reason behind JSP's struggles these days. This is the kind of excuses a hopeless and incapable politician makes, they say.

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