No TDP leader to contest against Jagan in Pulivendula?

Contesting against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in Pulivendula is a no-brainer. Not once has the YS family and Jagan himself lost in Pulivendula. In fact, the majority with which he wins each time keeps getting increased.

One B. Tech Ravi, a hardcore follower of Chandrababu Naidu is made to contest against Jagan from Pulivendula and more or less, he is a scapegoat set up by TDP to field some sort of a opposition against Jagan in Pulivendula.

This time around, we are hearing that Ravi is also not interested in contesting against Jagan at Pulivendula. He has conveyed to the TDP high command that he doesn't have the morale or the resources to even contest against Jagan.

Chandrababu is said to be trying to convince Ravi that he should contest at any cost as not fielding a notable candidate against Jagan will humiliate TDP. He has opened talks with Ravi. TDP leadership in Pulivendula is now hoping that some leader, any leader will have the guts to contest against Jagan in this year's election.

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