Jagan's Volunteers greater than TDP's 40-yrs cadre

The Volunteers system has been one of the hallmark implementations of the YS Jagan government in Andhra Pradesh and a lot has been happening with regard to the same in the AP political space.

This mass outreach program meant the government could get in touch with the common public through the lakhs of volunteers in the state. All the welfare programs and monetary schemes that would help the public were taken deeper into the public through the volunteers system.

The most important success of the volunteers system has been the hand-delivery of the pension money to the elderly in the rural pockets of AP. This bought a lot of credence and favorism to the volunteers system.

In the end, the volunteers system turned out to be such a big success that the Congress party has also vowed to impose the same in Telangana if they come to power in the state.

On the other hand, TDP cadre appears to be on the backfoot since the arrest of Chandrababu Naidu. Their forced public campaigns and protests against CBN's arrest were turned down by the public. Their main man, Nara Lokesh left them and fled AP after CBN's arrest, only to return back later after it was all over.

As a result, the TDP cadre which has been around for over 40 years has been left stranded with nothing going their way. And on the other hand, the volunteers system has bought the AP government close to the public and has turned out to be a match-winner.

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