TDP Makes JSP Jokers Again

TDP and JSP have a love-hate relationship. These parties contested together in 2014, then split up and contested separately in 2019. And again in 2024, they are getting back together. While their credibility has already gone for a toss, they are hoping to have some say against Jagan in the next election.

Meanwhile, it is established that TDP had a humiliating proposal to JanaSena which would essentially make the Pawan Kalyan-led party a gang of jokers if it passes through.

Apparently, TDP leaders asked JSP candidates to contest on Cycle symbol in the coming election. TDP's argument that JSP's glass symbol didn't penetrate into the public, so they are better off, contesting on TDP's cycle symbol. They have said it would be better if JSP loses its symbol and goes with cycle symbol if they are to have a say in the election.

TDP will anyways not field their candidate in JSP's constituencies, so cycle symbol can be used by JSP, if needed. But if that happens, JanaSena will become a laughing fest in AP.

After so many years in politics, not even being able to contest on their own election symbol would be a disaster of epic proportion for the Pawan Kalyan-led party. But will Pawan accept to the same at the risk of losing the trust of his own party leaders? We shall wait and see.

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