Social Media Game: YCP Miles Ahead of TDP

Social Media has emerged as a major influencer of electoral trends in the Indian political space. And as far as the social media game in Andhra Pradesh goes, YSRCP is miles ahead of TDP.

YCP supporters on social media re dominating TDP outrightly and the Chandrababu-led party is gasping for air. Every scam and legal case against CBN is being highlighted by YCP group on social media while TDP is in the defense as they try to avoid further damage.

Chandrababu's arrest got no sympathy from the public, largely thanks to the facts that were exposed against him on social media. The offshoring of funds and the IT notices were all highlighted by YCP team. This resulted in CBN getting a branding that he is a scamster and in the end, his arrest and release became irrelevant, taking him completely out of the picture in AP political space.

Even on the reach front, YCP is miles ahead with nearly 850K followers on Twitter while TDP doesn't even have close to 600K followers. JanaSena has 2.2 million followers but this is of very little use as the party has no electoral engineering in the ground level. Their social media reach is of no use to anyone.

Back in the day, TDP used to completely dominate media space with Eenadu and ABN but now, Jagan has extensively focused on the social media game of YCP and that is reaping rich rewards.

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