Balakrishna, Brahmani trolled in AP assembly

Nandamuri Balakrishna did something unexpected and untoward in AP assembly today as he bought a whistle inside the house and started blowing it while YCP MLAs were addressing the house.

Then, this gave the YCP MLAs to take a dig at Balayya. It was officially entered in assembly records that Balakrishna is a mental patients. Other YCP MLAs too pointed out that Balakrishna has a mental certificate and it is better to stay away from him.

And also, Brahmani's recent comment that her 8 year old son can also understand that Chandrababu was wrongly framed in the case. Perni Nani spoke about the same.

"Recently, they told, their 8 year old son can give the verdict on the case. Yes, they were right, even this 8 year old kid can see that Chandrababu was a fraudster. He too can easily understand that his granddad is a skilled fraud. The way Chandrababu operated in this scam in such a blatant manner makes it clear that he is overconfident. Even his grandchild should be wary of him" Perni Nani said.

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