'Sarangadhariya' pre-release event held ahead of July 12th release

Padmarao Abbisetti-directed 'Sarandhariya' is slated to hit the screens on July 12. Ahead of its theatrical release, producers Umadevi and Sarat Chandra Challapalli held its pre-release event in Hyderabad.

At the pre-release event, actor Naveen Chandra said that 'Sarangadhariya' has secured good theaters. "Please come to the theaters and watch the movie. Raja Ravindra is like family to me. Being in the industry for many years, he provides support and guidance to new actors like us and grounds us. There are positive vibes all around. It's clear that the director made this film to deliver a good message," he added.

Actor Raja Ravindra said, "Our director has revealed everything about the movie in the trailer itself. He showed that failure is very dangerous. I have three sons in this film. Each one has different problems. I play a college lecturer and try to instill morals in everyone. However, I am oblivious to what is happening in my own house. In today's busy life dominated by social media, the relationship between parents and children has taken a beating. There is no time to sit and talk together. In such times, children can go down a bad path. If parents provide moral support to their children, they will surely succeed."

Producer Sarath Chandra Challapalli said, "This film team truly came together only after our director Pandu (Padmarao Abbisetti) joined it. We have a great recording (RR). Cinematographer Sidharth Swayamboo has previously worked for PC Sreeram. Raja Ravindra is a very good man. Naveen Chandra, Raj Tarun, and Nikhil Siddhartha have participated in our movie promotions. This is all because of Raja Ravindra. He offers a lot of support to producers."

The film has music by M Ebenezer Paul.

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