'Harom Hara', 'Raju Yadav' set to stream on Aha Video

'Harom Hara' stars Sudheer Babu in the lead. Directed by Gnanasagar Dwaraka and produced by Sumanth G Naidu, the film is a period action thriller.

Aha Video is going to stream the film from July 11.

'Harom Hara', whose story takes place in the late 1980s or so, has Sudheer Babu as a gun-maker named Subramaniam. Pressed to the corner due to financial woes, he joins forces with a low-key constable named Palani Saami (Sunil). Subramaniam becomes a skilled weapons manufacturer to deal with his father's debt trap. The rise of Subramaniam from a non-entity to a hegemon is threatened by a roster of rivals and a detective-like cop.

As for 'Raju Yadav', its precise date is yet to be made official by Aha. The film stars Getup Srinu as a young man whose face has been deformed by a freak accident while playing cricket. His lover ditches him midway, leaving him dejected.

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