Murali Mohan, RGV and Ananya Nagalla participated in the party and created a buzz.

Revu movie is getting ready for grand release soon.

Revu is a movie starring Vamsi Ram Pendyala, Ajay, Swathi Bheemireddy and Epuri Hari in lead roles. Guru Tej, Sumesh Madhavan, Hemant Udbhav, Leela Venkatesh Kommuri will be seen in other pivotal roles in the film. This film is produced by Dr. Samhit Entertainments banner. Murali Ginjupalli is producing. Naveen Parupalli is the presenter. Senior film journalist Parvataneni Rambabu is the executive producer. Senior film journalist Prabhu is acting as the film production supervisor. Directed by Harinath Puli. Revu movie which has completed all the programs is getting ready for grand theatrical release soon. Recently this movie team organized a fashion show and a special party. Along with the film crew, Murali Mohan, RGV, Ananya Nagalla, Sampath Nandi and Utkej participated in this party and made noise as guests.

Murali Mohan said.. Fishermen living near the docks are facing many difficulties. Especially the moneylenders rob them of their labour. They impose conditions to buy the fish at the rate they say. It is a good attempt to make the film Revu with such difficulties in the lives of fishermen as the background. I was interested when Prabhu told me that all new people are making this film and they did it well. Prabhu is the best person among our film journalists. It is a good decision to have him as the supervisor of this film. Also, another senior film journalist Parvataneni Rambabu is acting as the executive producer of this film. If a movie made with new people is a hit than a movie with stars becomes a hit, it is different. I wish that happiness to Parvataneni Rambabu, Prabhu and producer Dr. Murali Ginjupalli. Director Harinath Puli is too young to watch but he has directed the movie well. Openings are good for star films but if word of mouth starts that a small film is good, the houses will be full. That's how Revu wants the movie to happen. Ram Gopal Varma makes movies with new people and promotes them well and creates an interest among the audience. I am happy to participate in this program with him. All the best to Revu team.

Director RGV said on this occasion.. When I was in Vijayawada, I used to go to Machilipatnam dock. But not to see the suffering of the fishermen there but to see the fish sellers there. The title of Revu movie is interesting. According to the content of this movie that I have seen, I think that this movie is made with the lives of fishermen and the events that happen in their life, which is based on the dock. I don't remember a film coming out completely on the theme of Revu. It can be said as a unique point regarding this movie. All the best to director Harinath. My congratulations to all the team of this movie. I wish Revu movie to get great success. A word should be said about Murali Mohan who came to this program today. Murali Mohan garu is a nickname for good but I am a nickname for evil. I used to hate him very much for one thing. My favorite heroine Jayasudha was on his lap in the movie Jyoti. I used to leave the theater angry after seeing that scene. That is why I am angry with Murali Mohan. But I have never seen a non-controversial person like him in my life.
Heroine Ananya Nagella said.. Although hearing many exciting things about Revu movie. Today Revu cinema party with such a different concept, I am happy to participate in this event. He said that Revu movie should be a great success and everyone who worked for this movie should bring good name.

Sampath Nandi is talking.. Producer Dr. Murali Ginjupalli is my classmate. He is very happy to become a producer. I sincerely wish the success of Revu movie.

Actor Atjek is talking.. I have already seen this movie. Everyone did very well even though they were newbies. The music is well done. I am confident that such cult movies will be loved by the audience. All the best to director Hari, producer Murali, Prabhu Anna and Parvataneni Rambabu.

Producer Dr. Murali Ginjupalli said.. Both my good friend RGV and my equal Guru Murali Mohan are like two eyes to me. If one is the guru for my love of cinema, the other is the inspiration for my business expansion. I am very happy that RGV is coming as a guest for my first movie. Who can't forget about Mr. Utjak, he runs a film school. He is happy to come to the event. Thank you to the press and media for supporting our film.

Nirman Super Vision journalist Prabhu said that after he came from the US, we showed the first copy of Revu to Murali. Murali Ginjupalli felt happy. Revu movie goes very naturally, the emotion in the movie is impressive. Natural performance of artists. Murali Mohan was reprimanded by Mr. Sir, you should come to the Revu party. Then it was a party related to the movie Revu, and they agreed to come if they asked for your blessings for the movie unit.

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