Samantha's health prescription is misleading, dangerous: Renowned doctor

"Influential Indian actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu who is unfortunately a health and science illiterate has advised millions of her followers to inhale hydrogen-peroxide to prevent and treat respiratory viral infections," wrote Dr. Abby Philips today on social media. His post didn't stop at that. He even said that such celebrities must be ideally put behind bars.

His post triggered a massive meltdown on social media, with Samantha's fans supporting her and trolling him. The actress made her displeasure clear, saying that she can't be thrown into prison for merely endorsing what an MD doctor had prescribed for her health. She also suggested that she has found some "alternative" medicinal systems like Ayurveda and Homeopathy useful. She used a caveat to say that what worked for her might not work for others.

Later, the doctor doubled down on his criticism of the 'Shaakuntalam' and 'Rangasthalam' actress, calling her a "serial offender in the context of healthcare misinformation". He added, "The reason why doctors like me have to spend (waste) time from our busy schedules to fight misinformation online is that it is peddled by large influential celebrity accounts that have no regard for public health. Engagement and monetization are their concern."

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