Weird! Netizens jump the gun to support actor Teja in 'extramarital affair' issue

It is known that, on Thursday, a small-time actor named Teja Tripurana was caught red-handed by his estranged wife Nakshatra with another woman at his office property in Vizag. In a video clip that has since gone viral from the incident, we can hear Teja manhandle his wife and also tell her she has no business with his relationship with another woman since she has been living separately for the past three years.

With this, male Netizens jumped the gun and started accusing her of creating a scene with the intention of blackmailing Teja for money. Nakshatra, who is a former Miss Vizag, said that she hasn't even sought alimony from Teja so far. "I have only slapped complaints against him on the basis of Domestic Violence Act. I have not sought any money from him. You can check the court records," she told the media.

As per Nakshatra, Teja became a PUBG addict a few years ago to the point that he stopped fulfilling his basic responsibilities. Nakshatra's mother told the media that he demanded Rs 15 lakh from them while doing a film titled 'Backdoor'. He allegedly made false claims about a well-known actress wishing to date him! As per Teja's kid, he never cared to take her out even once or discharge any other parental duties.

Despite all this (which may or may not be true), it is weird that Netizens want to paint Teja as a victim of extortion.

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