Rape Threats for Amabati Rayudu: Not Good

Former team India cricketer Ambati Rayudu has been vocal with his criticism against Virat Kohli of late as he has been implying that Kohli's orange caps account for nothing if his team doesn't win trophies. This has rubbed Kohli's fans on the wrong side and they are having a go at him now.

The backlash against Rayudu has extended beyond verbal abuse. His wife and children have received horrific threats, including death threats. Sam Paul, a friend of Rayudu, revealed on Instagram that Rayudu’s wife, informed him about the threats.

Their children, aged 1 and 4, have also been targeted with threats of harm and rape. Paul expressed his outrage, highlighting the severity of the situation and calling for strict legal action against the perpetrators. He criticized fans supporting such actions, emphasizing that they were violating the values of freedom of speech.

It is never a good sight to see someone face such violent threats from miscreants and this alarming trend must stop at the earliest before it gets more ugly.

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