BIG! Actor Hema tests positive in drugs test

Tollywood artist Hema has been in a denial mode about attending the controversial Sunday rave party in Bengaluru. Two days after she vehemently denied her presence in the party, she has tested positive for taking drugs. She is reportedly one among the 86 people who tested positive for the consumption of drugs.

Central Crime Branch (CCB) in Bengaluru is seized of the matter. In all 103, people were tested. "During an investigation by the police after busting the rave party near Electronics City, the blood samples of 59 men tested positive for drugs while the blood samples of 27 women tested positive," India Today reported today.

Yesterday, anchor Shyamala derided those who have claimed that she was also caught at the rave party. In her true style, she strongly condemned the fake media reports and also warned the media that she would take them to cleaners by launching a legal battle. The names of Srikanth and Jani Master have also been mentioned by social media users. They didn't attend the rave party. Hema is the only Tollywood personality of repute to have tested positive.

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