Pics: YS Raja Reddy marries Priya Atlur in Christian and Hindu styles

YS Raja Reddy, the elder son of YS Sharmila has entered wedlock as he got married to his longtime girlfriend Priya Atluri in a private wedding ceremony in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Sharmila has taken to social media to share the pictures of the wedding ceremony that took place in the customary Christian style and also in Hindu style.

"Yet another happiest moment in my life as a mother..The moment that was waited for has arrived at last, with wishes and blessings of the dear ones and the infinite mercy of the Almighty. Some wonderful memories to be stored and cherished forever, as my son gets married to the love of his life. #RajaPriya" Sharmila captioned the pictures.

The Christian style wedding happened last night while the Hindu style wedding happened today. The couple got married according to both the traditions.

Sharmila will soon throw a lavish post-wedding reception to her political contemporaries in Hyderabad this week. All the focus will be on whether or not YS Jagan Reddy will attend the event.

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