Firecrackers after India's win against Pak: Was it muted this time?

Every time India defeats Pakistan in a cricket World Cup match, firecrackers go off for an hour. Even kids in India know this for a fact. Our cities and towns resonate with the festive sound of crackers without fail.

Surprisingly, many on Twitter are complaining that, this time, hardly any crackers went off. "Judging by crowds on the road, probably very low interest has been there about the match. Didn't hear a single firecracker in the area either," wrote Prathmesh Godbole. Agreeing with him, another Twitter user wrote that the public's attitude may have undergone a vast change. "India has moved ahead on all economic parameters in the last 50 years. Now we are looking to compete with China and the US. So probably no interest in low-key affairs like Ind-Pak," wrote Zafar Shaikh.

Others, however, are telling a different story. ANI reported that people came out on the streets to burst crackers in Nagpur. Mumbai, too, witnessed a festive atmosphere after Team India humiliated Pak. "Crackers going off here in Mumbai for the last one hour. Cannot remember a more high profile and a more widely followed game in the last 5-6 years," wrote Satish Viswanathan.

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