Youngsters in India are suffering from 6-7 health problems: Doctors

Doctors on social media are saying that the young population of India is increasingly becoming unhealthy. As per medical experts, a set of half a dozen health issues are afflicting youngsters, especially those who don't eat home food (due to employment or education-related reasons) and/or are confined to desk jobs. 'Sedentary lifestyle' is a term that has been increasingly used by General Physicians, Endocrinologists and Cardiologists in this context.

Dr. Sudhir Kumar, an MD doctor from Hyderabad, young people in the age group of 20-50 years form a sizeable proportion of patients facing one or more of these problems: Obesity or more-than-normal weight, elevated sugar levels, moderately or severely deranged lipid profile, low Vitamins (especially D and B12), high blood pressure, high homocysteine level, and disc prolapse (which can be self-diagnosed by those suffering from chronic neck or back pain).

Doctors are advising youngsters to make lifestyle changes forthwith. Physical exercises, reducing carb intake, avoiding junk foods, and staying away from alcohol are some of the interventions that are required.

A lot of General Physicians are prescribing Metformin for elevated sugar levels among pre-diabetics. This is not advised, some experts say. A lot of people are reporting Vit D deficiency. Quick interventions (both in terms of food intake and supplements) can prevent long-term problems like bone weakness.

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