Rating: 1.75/5

Banners: Zee Studios, Bayview Projects

Cast: Ajith, Manju Warrier, Samuthirakani, Pavani, John Kokken, Mamathi Chari, Ajay, Veera, Bagavathi Perumal, Prem Kumar and others

Music: Ghibran

Cinematography: Nirav Shah

Director: H. Vinoth

Producer: Boney Kapoor

Release date: Jan 11, 2023

Tamil superstar Ajith commands a major following among mass and class audience and this time he chose a complete action subject as a festival offering. Whether he has been successful in this attempt or not, let us see.


Radha is a notorious gangster and he plans to rob a bank. But before he could do that, the bank is already hijacked by a man named Dark Devil (Ajith) and his team of robbers and the entire city is in chaos. The task is assigned to an ACP (Ajay) and it turns out that he has his own motive behind catching the thief. As things unfold, the plot gets bigger and commissioner Dayal (Samuthirakani) handles the case personally. Meanwhile, Dark Devil demands that he wants to meet the chairman Krish (John Kokken) of the bank personally. Why does Dark Devil insist on meeting Krish instead of looting the money and getting away? Does he manage to escape from commissioner? All this forms the rest of the story.


Ajith is stylish as usual and he rocks with his salt and pepper look. His performance was upto the mark and it is a treat for his fans. Manju Warrier carried her role as required and did the needful. John Kokken was good. Samuthirakani was effective. Pavani Reddy was brief. Mamathi Chari was moderate. Veera was okay. Ajay made his presence felt. Mohana Sundaram was funny. Bagavathi Perumal was adequate. The others didn’t have much to offer.


The story was completely outdated and the screenplay was mediocre. Dialogues didn’t have that punch, background score was okay in few scenes. Songs were passable. Editing was required in the first half. Cinematography was impressive. Costumes were upto the mark. Art department did what was required. Action sequences were bizarre. Production values were high.



Basic idea

Background score


Outdated storyline

Zero hook factor

Boring narrative

Major logical loopholes

No depth in scenes

Deeper Look

A superstar is like a radioactive element and if used rightly he can create wonders at the box office which is very good for the business of cinema. All it takes is one sensible story because the director will have all possible resources of the world to make the film. However, it appears that the directors think otherwise. They feel that they can write just about anything as per their whims and it will run because a superstar is the face of the project. This seems to be the case with director Vinoth. At the outset, the idea of showing how banks fleece the customers using various products is no doubt a very interesting thought. And it is a much needed one for the society too. But, weaving a story which revolves around the plot and making it more sensible, closer to reality is what will strike a chord with the audience. Instead, what he focused upon was leveraging the body language of Ajith, projecting his style quotient and coming up with few dialogues which are his trademark. In the process, the entire focus on the narrative or making it more engaging was left to the wind. Forced action sequences which lacked professionalism were seen just to kill time. The premises of the film itself lacked conviction and things got more ridiculous by involving elements like Army and what not. The film takes off with a usual action sequence and hero introduction and thereon, it was only few weak thrill moments without any progress in the story. the interval bang was alright and it is only in the second half one gets to understand the real intent. However, before the plot really hits the heart, the story gets back to its routine mode of senseless action sequences. To add to the woes, since it is a dubbed movie the rendition and dubbing was so weak that one cannot wait to see the end of it. Overall, the film has nothing exciting to offer not just for the Telugu audience but even for Ajith fans. At the box office, the initial collection would be good given the festival hype and Ajith’s craze but it is certainly a downer and disappointment.

Vox Verdict

Don’t ‘Dare’ To Watch It!

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