Rating: 1/5

Banner: Sri Dhanalakshmi Productions, Aditya Movies

Cast: Aadi Saikumar, Riya Suman, Mime Gopi, Shatru, Brahmaji, Satyam Rajesh, Chammak Chandra and others

Music: Harshavardhan Rameshwar

Cinematographer: Sai Sriram

Editor: Prawin Pudi

Director: Shashikant

Producer: K V Sridhar Reddy

Release date: Dec 30, 2022


A cab driver Arjun (Aadi) has a peaceful life with his wife Aadhya (Riya). Things take a turn when a noted drug smuggler Siddharth (Gopi) plans an escape out of India from Mumbai via Hyderabad. He is chased by the cops and as he enters Hyderabad, the ACP (Shatru) sets out with his teams to nab him. How does the hero get entangled in this cop chase and whether he manages to overcome the challenges forms the rest.


Aadi did his role as required without any extra effort. Riya Suman is a stunning beauty and she deserves to get into the bigger league. The combination of cute looks with hot glamour makes her a visual delight. Mime Gopi was good. Shatru was upto the mark. Brahmaji and Satyam Rajesh were brief. Chammak Chandra was alright. The others didn’t have much to do.


Few dialogues here and there were okay but though some of them were good they didn’t fit into the situation and mood. The script was written very shabbily and the screenplay was extremely slow. The background score was the saving grace and the solo number by Sid Sriram was pleasant. Cinematography could have been better. Editing lacked depth. Art department didn’t have much to do as most of the film was shot outdoor. Costumes were okay.


Riya Suman


Poor direction

Slow narrative

Bad writing

Logical loopholes

No emotional quotient

Deeper Look

It is one thing to visualize a story, pen it down and a totally another thing to conceive it in the same way onscreen. This is the first fundamental for anyone who wishes to become a filmmaker. That discipline is further required when one wants to direct a thriller. This attempt fails in all aspects. At a time when people are used to some really explosive content on OTT especially in the crime thriller genre, the screenplay, the narrative, the plot needs to be racy with engaging moments and twists. However, the ‘gear’ doesn’t just seem to move from zero to one or more. The film takes off on a mild note with the introduction of characters and it takes nearly thirty minutes for the story to come into play. The interval bang had a twist but the second half failed to leverage it. The twist gets revealed in the final moments but by then the whole energy, interest, enthusiasm goes for a toss. Some scenes were written purely for convenience and to take things further throwing logic out of the window. Overall, this would find it extremely hard to get any takers at the box office.

Vox Verdict

Zero Gear!

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