Rating: 3/5

Banners: GA2 Pictures, Sukumar Writings

Cast: Nikhil Siddhartha, Anupama Parameswaran, Dinesh Tej, Ajay, Posani, Shatru, Brahmaji, Sarayu Roy, Raj and others

 Music: Gopi Sundar

Cinematography: A. Vasanth

Editor: Naveen Nooli

Director: Surya Pratap

Producer: Bunny Vas

Release date: Dec 23, 2022

In the recent times, hero Nikhil has become quite selective about his projects and he is going more towards content driven subjects than trying to be a mass hero. His efforts have brought him results and this time he has come up with a romantic venture. Let us see if this works too.


Siddhu (Nikhil) is a software employee who is into app development. He is in love with a girl Preethi but she cheats him big time and this pushes him into depression. As he is trying to deal with it, he comes across a diary which is written by Nandhini (Anupama). She is a small town girl who comes to Hyderabad to give a particular cover to one Trust. Her experiences in the city are written in the diary on a day to day basis. As Siddhu starts reading it, he starts discovering many things about Nandhini and in a way develops feelings for her. In the process, does Siddhu get to meet Nandhini, is it another love story for him? All this forms the rest.


Nikhil has given out a good performance and he excelled during the emotional and action sequences. Anupama fitted well into the role of an innocent, countryside girl and she charmed. Sarayu got a meaty role and she did justice to it. Posani was neat, Ajay and Shatru did their roles as required. The others were there to fill the gaps.


Brownie points go to the background score and songs as they came out very well. The production values were also decent. The story is good but the screenplay could have been more engaging. Dialogues were well written in few places. Editing lacked depth in the second half. Cinematography did justice and captured the visuals well. Costumes were trendy and the art department was colorful.


Nikhil & Anupama performances

Songs and background score

First half



Second half

Lack of depth in suspense element


Dubbing issues at few places

Deeper Look

With Sukumar at the helm, the plot and writing can never go wrong and he was amazing in the way he penned a story where the hero and heroine don’t meet till the end and don’t say a word even after they meet. However, it is one thing to write a good story and another to conceive it so effectively on the silver screen. The director being a protégé of Sukumar managed to handle the proceedings to some extent but he slipped during key sequences. The film takes off on the right note and sets the right expectations. Everything is fine till the interval bang. However, things go down the hill in the second half. At one point, the proceedings come to a standstill leaving a lot to be desired. While the thought is innovative, since it is a love story the intensity and the engagement factor has to be constant. This didn’t happen at all times. Overall, this is a film which might appeal to the youth to some extent but may not really stir up the emotions as desired. At the box office, this might be a profitable venture though.

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