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This year 2023 is all set to witness battles in nine states in the country with assembly elections to be held across different months. The BJP leadership at the Centre feels they are unassailable and is making sure that the battle for 2024 Lok Sabha polls is decided this year itself by winning a majority of states by forming its own government. The party has devoted special focus on Telangana. In the South, after Karnataka it is only Telangana where BJP has some presence and the party is keen to gain power.

Despite the success of Bandi Sanjay's outreach in the form of yatra, the party has clearly realized that it needs to go to the village level and strengthen from there to realize its dream of forming a government in Telangana. The party is still weak in most rural segments and the party leadership has chalked out an action plan to aggressively make forays into rural hinterlands.

The saffron party wants to ensure that the party becomes strong in every village and is reportedly sending important workers to every nook and corner. From February 1st, the party is planning to organize 11,000 meetings across 119 assembly segments. The main strategy here is forming the Shakthi Kendras. For every 56 booths, there will be Shakthi Kendra and this will be managed by a Pramukh.

At the same time, BJP is keen to capitalize PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah's tours and over the next few months, the PM as well as key central ministers are expected to tour the state regularly and organize public meetings. The party is also of the opinion that many constituencies are in need of strong leaders and hence, it is expected to make all out efforts to attract big leaders from the ruling party as well as Congress party.

The BJP is taking it prestigiously and the party is keen on downsizing KCR's newly launched BRS. The party feels that any signs of weakening will galvanize the opposition at all-India level for the 2024 general elections and wants to avoid that.

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