There are certain regions in a state that capture the pulse of public opinion and decide the course of how political things shape up. One such region that has suddenly gathered a lot of attention this time is that of Khammam district in Telangana. Although geographically in Telangana, the state has a majority of settlers with political and caste affiliations very strong with neighbouring Andhra Pradesh.

Soon, Telangana CM KCR is organizing a massive public meeting, which according to BRS, will be the first public meeting of BRS in Khammam and it is like an inaugural meeting for the party which has completely undergone a makeover to project its mettle at the national level. A prominent former TDP leader and once considered Chandrababu's man, Tummala Nageshwar Rao has been upset with the BRS leadership for not giving him prominence. In this regard, there were reports that he might switch over to Congress or mainly BJP soon. He has also made some moves in this regard. But, the entry of YS Sharmila has completely changed the equations. 

Although she didn't create any buzz initially, later the way police handled her suddenly made her a star in Telangana and she has already announced her intention to contest soon from Palair constituency for Telangana Assembly. The current MLA switched over from Congress to then TRS and now KCR is not keen on giving him the ticket next time. To counter Sharmila, KCR seems to have realized that Tummala is the right man and he is being given good prominence again.

Moreover, KCR is taking the region as a challenge because the last time Mahakutami almost did a clean sweep with most seats going to Congress kitty. KCR is confident of other areas in Telangana and at the same time, before BJP starts becoming strong here, both KCR and KTR want to establish area domination. Revanth Reddy too is keen on using the services of Renuka Chowdhary to bag good seats here. Hence, from all sides Khammam is being surrounded by political bigwigs, and especially Congress and BRS feel that the seats won here might give them the edge.

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