In politics, survival is definitely an art and Telangana CM KCR knows how to do and when to do certain things and he is simply unbeatable at it. Now, the big litmus test would be to secure a third term since Telangana state formation. It has already been eight and half years since Telangana was formed and both the two terms so far were secured by BRS.

In South India, after the communists of Kerala in 1960s no other party could ever come back to power after two terms and this was true even in the case of TDP from 1995 to 2004 in United AP as well as Congress from 2004 to 2014. It will be a big challenge for KCR to overcome this sentiment and also to overcome anti-incumbency in the state. Naturally, after more than eight years of rule, anti-incumbency would have grown very much and now KCR is mulling many strategies.

One such strategy involves distribution of tickets. KCR had already declared that all sitting MLA would get tickets again. This worked out well during 2018 elections but looks like it may no longer be a safe zone. According to many surveys conducted by the CM, many sitting MLA’s and at least a dozen ministers seem to be staring at potential defeat and despite government welfare policies, it may not change easily.

Now Telangana CM KCR seems to be inclined towards a Gujarat kind of formula. After decades in power, Modi and Amit Shah realized that if they lose power in their home state, it will be a very bad mark on them. Also, in the 2017 elections, the difference between Congress and BJP was hardly 30 seats and there was hope that Congress might stage a comeback in the state. Then, Shah and Modi radically revamped the party unit, replaced the CM and also denied tickets to a majority of

sitting MLAs, and many even jumped to other parties before the recent elections sulking at this decision.

However, this paid off rich dividends with the party securing a landslide majority this time. Maybe a landslide is not easily possible, but at least the strong establishment factor against the ruling party can be subdued if fresh faces are injected and, in this regard, KCR might be forced to take a tough decision. But sources say it will be coordinated in a proper manner and not done haphazardly.


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