Telangana CM KCR who has recently changed the name of his political party TRS to BRS is strategizing regarding how to tackle the hot political winds in the state in coming days and in this regard, he seems to be planning for a two-pronged strategy. Faced with criticism that the party has abandoned Telangana even from its name, KCR wants to first ensure that he wins in the home turf.

One big advantage here is the conducting of assembly elections first followed by general elections and this is how the schedule is expected to be based on previous polling schedules. KCR seems to be keen on contesting for the assembly first and wants to ensure that his party comes to power at any cost. He is reportedly working on different plans to spring a surprise that will take his party miles ahead of the opposition parties.

After winning as MLA and securing victory in the assembly elections, KCR wants to turn the heat on Lok Sabha polls and is planning to contest as MP from two Telugu states, one seat each in AP and Telangana regions. Once the party wins a good number of seats, KCR wants to become a vocal voice because he feels that despite best efforts, the current MPs are unable to confront the Modi government strongly.

KCR wants to be in the Lok Sabha by himself so that he can target BJP head on and ensure that there is a proper image built for his aggressive speeches at the national level. In the meantime, he wants to slowly ensure that the CM chair is taken up by his son KTR so that the state can be taken care of by him. KCR would then devote himself completely to national politics. This is reportedly the game plan to face the onslaught of BJP which is planning to defeat the BRS party soon and come to power on its own in Telangana state.

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