Telangana CM KCR had been telling right from the beginning that he didn't launch BRS in haste and widely announced that eventually there would be nationwide ramifications of his latest political outfit. As expected, KCR who has his unique style in political agenda, has clearly indicated that he will hound BJP as soon as possible and make it repent for its misgovernance.

After getting in Kapu leaders from AP and a few other leaders from other states, KCR has indeed been able to get a very big person into his party. He is none other than former CM of Odisha under Congress rule, Giridhar Gamang who later defected to the BJP in 2015. He is one of the most respected political leaders in India from the tribal community.

For those who are not familiar, he was the one MP who decided the fate of Vajpayee government in 1999 when his vote led to the fall of NDA government before the Kargil war. Only one vote made a difference and it was his vote that was crucial then. He was one of the tallest leaders of Congress party in Odisha.

KCR has indeed scored a huge moral victory by taking him into BRS and that too from BJP. After the elevation of Draupadi Murmu as President, it was widely expected that tribal votes across the country would go to the BJP owing to its effort in making a ST woman as the country's constitutional head for the first time in history.

However, the defection of Giridhar Gamang who is expected to formally join the BRS along with his son next week is a shot in arm for KCR who has been vocal unlike many other fence sitting parties in India that he is out there to defeat BJP and teach a lesson. At a time when BJP continues to brag that more BRS leaders will quit the party, a high profile defection will now present a serious prestige issue for the saffron party in the Eastern part of the country.

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