In a democracy, it is everyone's right to join politics and try to make an impact. There's nothing wrong about it. However, at the same time the moment they enter politics, they also have to face public scrutiny for which they need to be properly prepared. Power star and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has started making some confusing, or rather confounding statements in the Telangana region.

Pawan Kalyan has started off his much-publicized Narasimha yathra where he would be visiting different abodes of the sacred lord in Telugu states. He kickstarted this from Kondagattu in Jagtial district where he was seen wearing saffron robes and trying to take a public rally in this outfit. This could have been kept more personal but as a politician he wanted hype, and there's nothing wrong in that.

However, his usual talk has started. He claimed that he will not repeat the act of letting it go like he did earlier in GHMC elections and added that there will be no alliance with BJP in Telangana but only an understanding. No one has a clue what he means by this, which only leads to more criticism against him.

He added that he is open to alliance with anyone and claimed that his party wants to contest in 45-50 assembly seats and 4-7 Lok Sabha seats and he hopes that Jana Sena will be able to influence numbers in remaining seats. Pawan Kalyan also revealed that he has an ambition to see that there are at least 10 Jana Sena MLA's in Telangana Assembly.

But even before proving one's strength, this way of saying that he needs partners in Telangana is too immature. Even Sharmila might sail with someone in elections later this year but she is keeping cards close to her chest and not revealing with whom she will have a tie up. However, Pawan wants to finalize a tie up first and then think about winning later.

He criticized KCR government openly for the first time that there is land mafia and mining mafia going on in the state and there is nothing being done about it. He has a lot of friends in TRS and then he has this forced love towards BJP and also a liking for TDP. So no one is sure what his next statements or actions would be here, but he has started off on his usual perplexed form.

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