Popular balladeer and ex Maoist ideologue Gaddar was once a powerful revolutionary who had inspired thousands of Telangana youths to take the path of Naxalism, and his mere presence used to create seismic vibrations to rulers in United Andhra Pradesh.

But the way he has come down to the level of an ordinary politician is not going well with the hardcore supporters of Telangana movement.  Shedding his communist ideology, Gaddar has been visiting temples these days and chanting divine songs at prominent temples of Telangana like Yadadri, Palakurthi, Komuravelli Dharmapuri, and Bhadrakali.

Right from Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to Chandrababu Naidu and Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Central home minister Amit Shah, he has been attending everyone's meeting. Gaddar was fired upon by unknown persons at Bhongir in 1996 and some of the bullets are still lodged in his body. Gaddar has been defending his meetings with different political leaders saying he wanted to inquire about the status of his case. He had been criticizing Telangana chief minister and Bharat Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhar Rao till recently saying he has a feudalistic mindset.

The fact that he reached the most downward trend was when almost agreed to contest the by-elections from Munugode assembly constituency representing the political party of maverick evangelist and Praja Santi Party chief K A Paul. When he attended Amit Shah's meeting, it was more or less confirmed that he would join BJP, but he didn't.

Now, Gaddar has started praising Telangana CM KCR and demanded that the Narendra Modi government at Centre should accord the name to the new Parliament complex after Ambedkar similar to how it happened in Telangana. He has even praised KCR by writing a letter to him.

There have been some hopes in the Congress that Gaddar would contest on their behalf and lend some credibility. No one is sure even whether he would continue his praise of KCR because he has become highly unpredictable these days. Many feel that an inspiring person has lost his credibility and no party would have any hopes on him anymore.

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