Usually for leaders of important political parties in India, sharing a special sentiment is common. Right from Indira Gandhi to Narendra Modi, there are certain unique sentiments that they follow, which sometimes is known to the public and on a few other occasions, it is unknown. In this regard, Telangana CM KCR has some special sentiments which hasn't given up that easily so far. KCR is very keen on such things and this is why it is widely believed that he didn't work from the old secretariat and he is keen on entering only the new secretariat.

Now, TRS is no longer the same old party and it has been renamed as BRS. So, naturally there is an expectation that KCR would have followed more sentiments to ensure that his latest effort or new endeavour becomes a success. But for the first time, KCR seems to have shed many of these sentiments in the form of a public meeting organized in Khammam.

Today, KCR's inaugural meeting of BRS is all set to happen in this town. Usually, for every big rally since the inception of TRS, the party has named the meeting with a catchy title and then went ahead to make it a massive success. But this time lack of such trendy traditional titles is making it look different.

Right from the time of Telangana movement, KCR shared a sentiment where every big venture of his would start from Karimnagar including the first meeting of TRS formation in 2001. For the first time, KCR has skipped this sentiment and now the maiden meeting of BRS is being organized in Khammam. Some of the TRS core leaders feel leaving this sentiment could have been avoided.

Also, according to numerology, KCR is always keen on the number 6 sentiment and ensures that the sum of the digits comes to six. But, marking January 18th this is not to be seen where the date numbers don't add up to six. Hence, in a way this is an unconventional move from BRS chief KCR. It would be now interesting to watch how this would unfold and whether this can be the start of a new KCR and a new style of functioning from the Telangana chief minister.

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