The name Kodali Nani needs no introduction and in the last few years, he made headlines more for his controversial statements and his abusive language towards Chandrababu Naidu. However, what makes him popular is his command over the people of Gudivada and the way he has been winning their support.

But now, it is heard that Chandrababu has taken it personally to defeat Nani and in that process, he is gearing up to introduce a strong opponent. His name is Venigandla Ramu, an NRI who is a millionaire businessman. According to latest reports, Ramu is expected to contest from Gudivada on behalf of TDP opposite Kodali Nani.

As such, it is a very big thing to fight against Nani as he has been in power since 16 years. But then, reports say Ramu has a very positive image. He is very helpful to people and since he is US returned nobody sees him as a political leader. He is more like a good samaritan for the needy people and this is going to be his first time as a political contestant.

Buzz is that he is preparing all his ammunition to fight against Nani. On the other side, the goodwill is there but Ramu is reportedly doing whatever is necessary politically to win the election. Given the fact that Ramu is Kamma and his wife is an SC, Naidu reportedly believes the vote bank of both communities can be in their favor. While this is happening, it is heard that Nani’s camp is taking it easy and saying they can defeat Ramu comfortably.

But here is one twister. Many works are pending since many years in Gudivada and even without winning or becoming an MLA Ramu is already gearing up to finish those works. So, instead of saying “Make me an MLA and I will do all your works” he wants to do those works and show his mettle. How will Nani’s camp handle this is something which remains to be seen.  

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