Finally, the cat seems to be out of the bag in Andhra Pradesh. Naturally there will be many tie ups and alliances before elections in any state and now it’s the turn of AP that will be facing elections in a year and there’s been a lot of churning being seen among major opposition groups fighting the YSRCP government headed by CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Pawan Kalyan, the boss of Jana Sena party had failed to become an MLA in his attempt to contest from two constituencies. In 2014, he said he will support TDP and didn’t contest elections and later it is known that he fell out with TDP and allied with BSP and Communists and none of them succeeded in winning any seats in Andhra Pradesh. Pawan has already been dubbed as a package star by his rivals in YSRCP that today or tomorrow, he is subservient to TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu.

Pawan had proclaimed that he is all set to fight alone even if it takes 30 years to stay active by simply fighting alone. Now he has roared to only say something different. He clearly hinted at an alliance with the TDP saying that if the votes get diluted across different segments, it will be wasted and in places where they are

strong, it’s better to focus on that. He also admitted that he criticized TDP heavily but now if there’s a need he is ready to go with them.

He added a one liner that is a ‘respectable number of seats’ in a clear indication that talks have already begun between TDP and Jana Sena. One interesting thing that Pawan Kalyan said in his speech is that if by fighting alone, he gets defeated, there is no big achievement in getting martyred (veera maranamu) and hence it’s better to go for an alliance to unseat YSRCP government.

All these days, Pawan and Naga Babu had roared as if they will be forming the government and Pawan Kalyan will be the next chief minister. But by settling for just a minimum number of seats, Pawan is clear that he needs TDP’s support to become an MLA at least for now, forget the CM post. This makes clear as to how Pawan is planning his next step and he realizes that he needs support from other parties to become an MLA at least and he is not ready to be defeated by playing alone.

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