Strange are the ways in politics. One is left wondering what are the different permutations and combinations possible. In Andhra Pradesh, there are many rumours and speculations all over regarding what would be the way forward for the state's political waters by the time the next assembly election approaches.

One such strong rumour doing the rounds is that Lokesh will be made CM in case TDP wins. This is reportedly the calculation of one section of the TDP coterie who are considered close to the TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu. They are reportedly the reason for Lokesh's outburst when some YSRCP leaders questioned the character of Lokesh's mother Nara Bhuvaneshwari.

Lokesh said that he will not spare those who questioned the integrity of his mother and those who made fun of his birth. This set of TDP leaders seem to be particular that if TDP wins with a clear majority, Lokesh should be made the CM and Babu could carry on as the TDP boss. They compare this like how the Congress party is being handled now. The chief of Congress is now a non-Gandhi person, but it is an open fact that it is the Gandhi family that runs the roost.

The plan is to make him the CM and ensure that Jana Sena gets fewer seats so that if Pawan wins the MLA seat by himself he can become the deputy CM. This also gives credence to the fact that Pawan has been raising Lokesh's name of late, in his speeches to throw mud at the Jagan government. Lokesh is also chanting Pawan's name in a supportive way whenever he wants to up the ante against the ruling government in AP.

There is also a perception that since Lokesh and Pawan more or less share the same caliber they can fit each other properly and they both can be controlled by Chandrababu. This could be the reason for padyatra sentiment since those who undertake it in AP usually become the CM.

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