After a lot of planning and strategizing, TDP leader Nara Lokesh has set out on his Padayatra with the goal to achieve public support and get TDP back to power. However, it appears that the take-off has not gone as planned and it is turning out to be a disaster so far. Here are a few reasons why -

Lokesh is unable to speak attractively as he is not an orator like his father. There have been fumbles in his speech and it is not creating an impact. To top it all, he is only busy with allegations instead of saying what he will do for the people.

The total coverage of the padayatra is happening only in the TDP media. It is obvious that YCP media won't be there but there is a neutral media wherein they can give ads by buying slots. It is not sure if funds are the issue but such channels are watched by TDP sympathizers. However, Lokesh is not doing anything to attract the neutral channel audience.

Too much entertainment and too many events are happening, breaking that and standing out means the program has to have an out-of-the-box design. However, he is going routinely without any innovation. They arranged for a vegetable kiosk and later it was discovered that it was a fake stall.

By and large, whoever has planned the Padayatra and prepared the strategy, it is turning out to be a farce and so far it is a disaster. We have to see how it will shape up as it is a one-year program.

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