Lokesh's recent statement about the engineering students pursuing four-year courses and then seeking job opportunities through private coaching centers in Hyderabad has sparked controversy and criticism.

While Lokesh claims that he will change the curriculum of engineering colleges if he comes to power in Andhra Pradesh, his statement does not take into account the specific and short-term nature of the crash courses offered at the coaching centers in Ameerpet. Such courses keep changing with market, demand and technical advancement. These courses are designed to help students gain practical skills and knowledge in a particular field. They cannot be equated to the traditional four-year engineering course.

The syllabus and subjects taught in state-level engineering colleges and even in prestigious institutions like IITs and BITS are widely regarded as comprehensive and well-rounded.

Lokesh's comments have sparked jokes and ridicule among netizens, with many questioning his level of knowledge and education, given the apparent half-baked nature of his statement.

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