Politics is not easy business and it takes some special DNA to emerge as a true leader. A classic example to that is Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and here are a few reasons why he is now being seen as a true leader.

For starters, defying an existing system and starting a political party was an ambitious step. By nature Jagan is a fighter, someone who mingles with people and stays with people and works for the people. He entered politics in 2009, he took on a national level party and the ruling government which shows his uncompromising nature. Someone who creates a new system will become a true leader and Jagan set up the right ecosystem. Despite financial fraud allegations and many cases, Jagan never took a back step.

He struggled for 10 years but never took a rest. Despite 16 months of imprisonment, Odarpu Yatra and back to back bypolls, Jagan continued his journey. He faced a big defeat in 2014 elections and later on, 23 out of 62 MLAs left him. Yet, he didn't break. Without anyone's support, running a regional party is no mean task. It takes guts and a strong fighting spirit. Jagan took off with Padayatra and made it successful.

Until 2008 he was a businessman, but in 2009 when he entered the frontline politics. His rivals were hardcore political veterans of national and regional parties. Yet, he fought against two big forces and made his presence felt by becoming a first time MP, winning with a huge margin of 5,21,000 votes which is a record in the state's history.

He has elevated his political image within a short span and even after getting to power he has been striving to retain his vote bank. He has clarity in running the party and without any external support he wants to continue which shows his confidence.

Not just that, he is maintaining a cordial relation with Centre and is taking the required measures in ensuring this relation is smooth. Going by the way he is progressing, there is no doubt in saying that he will be making his presence felt for the next 25 years in AP politics. By and large, Jagan's journey is a case study for those who aspire to get into politics.

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