TDP chief and AP's ex-chief minister Chandrababu Naidu is considered a wily person in politics. Those close to him earlier and after drifting apart recall that it was Babu who introduced the wide liquor and money distribution culture in 1996 when he was facing the first by polls after grabbing the TDP from NT Rama Rao. Now, this has become a huge menace in all the elections with both voters and leaders unable to get away without it.

Also, Babu is known for his use and throw policy. Nandamuri family has always been a pawn in Babu's hands. In 1995, before ousting NTR and to ensure that no one will place rival claims, Chandrababu ensured that the whole family was brainwashed and supported him solidly. This made NTR a loner, and all this was done on the excuse of Lakshmi Parvathi becoming an extra authority over TDP leaders. After he became CM, Babu dumped Hari Krishna and Daggubati Venkateshwar Rao after enlisting their support initially. What he did with Junior NTR is also well known, after NTR campaigned for Mahakutami in 2009 assembly elections.

Now Babu mark politics is all set to surface again with reports that the entire Nandamuri family including a large group of NTR's children and grandchildren will hit the roads here and there to walk with Lokesh in his padyathra. Many of them are expected to be attending this walkathon, which will last for 400 days covering 4000 km.

This is seen as Babu's attempt to give an indication to the rank and file of TDP that the entire family is behind the Nara family and any attempt to weaken TDP internally by anyone during its weak moment while not cooking any favour. TDP is at its lowest point since its inception and Babu fears any internal revolt ahead of crucial 2024 polls in case his party is unable to create a pro-TDP wave. Hence, many of them will be attending Babu's son's event without any choice and with a hope that TDP shouldn't break up.

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