When we hear that someone is sick or in hospital, our heart flutters a bit. And when someone in the family or close to us faces that same situation, our situation becomes worse. But it appears that the stand of TDP leader Nara Lokesh seems different. On one hand, his brother-in-law Nandamuri Tarakaratna's health is quite critical but Lokesh seems unperturbed and is busy lost in his canvassing program.

It is known that Lokesh has started a Padayatra named 'Yuvagalam' with the goal of winning the upcoming election. This began at Kuppam and right on the first day, misfortune struck. Tarakaratna got admitted in the hospital and leaders like Buchaiah and other TDP members revealed he went to the edge of death and recovered. Though Tarakaratna is out of danger, it is heard that his condition is still critical. At a time like this, Lokesh focusing only on the canvassing is raising eyebrows.

Buzz is that Tarakaratna slogged a lot for Lokesh's Padayatra and he was the one who was at Kuppam making all the arrangements. It is also heard that he was there with Lokesh till the time he was rushed to the hospital. Despite all this, Lokesh not postponing his Padayatra temporarily or not taking personal interest in enquiring about the health of Tarakaratna is shocking, feel many. He went ahead as if nothing happened, held a public meeting and was busy blasting the government.

Now, some are expressing concern that when his own family member has not been considered, what will Lokesh consider if any of the party workers get affected during his 400 day, 4000 kms walkathon. Some are commenting that being a leader is not about having a thirst for power and publicity, it is about knowing the value of people and their lives. Overall, Lokesh's behavior has reportedly disappointed his own party cadre.

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