Chandrababu Naidu and his son Lokesh are known for using NTR's name politically whenever they feel the need. It is to be observed that their love and respect for NTR generally projected only when they are in opposition. They never bother to use that name when they are in power.

Keeping that aside, actions show what is there in the hearts. Lokesh started his padayatra touching the feet of his parents. But he didnt even bother to garland NTR's statue before his mission. After all, nobody around him within his family including his mother Bhuvaneshwari or father in law Balakrishna suggested him to do so. NTR was the founder of TDP.

"Straight question to Chandrababu.. why lokesh did not go to NTR ghat before commence the padha yathra? That shows love and respect on NTR" mentioned some netizens on social media.

This is the criticism that is making rounds everywhere.

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