Speaking about fan following, it is usually the film stars who have that and sometimes even the mention of their name drives their fans crazy. On the other hand, political leaders having a fan following is impossible at least in India because the image of a true leader and a people's person disappeared long ago. However, the case of Y S Jagan seems to be different.

In one film event, Tamil star Suriya said he calls Jagan 'Anna' and treats him like an elder brother. Similarly, Brahmanandam once said Jagan is the only person who understood the essence of the statement 'The one who dies trying is a victor, the one who doesn't try is dead'.  In one instance, Prabhas expressed high hopes on Jagan citing he is a young CM and he is going to do very well for AP.

Superstar Mahesh Babu revealed how he met Jagan a few times and how he finds the CM to be an amazing person. The late superstar Krishna also revealed how Jagan is a man of his word and if he commits, he fulfills it. Manchu Vishnu once said how Jagan is the man who challenged the power of Delhi which shows his guts and resolve. Puri Jagannadh stated how Jagan struggled for 10 years and withstood everything to emerge victorious. Chota Naidu calls Jagan a tiger. The film couple Rajasekhar-Jeevitha once said Jagan will be the CM for next 15 years.

That way, the film fraternity has been showing its solidarity and support to Jagan might just be the edge the CM would require to retain his power in the upcoming elections.

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