When it comes to the power of Chandrababu Naidu, it is clear that one place was literally ruled by him. We are talking about the Kuppam constituency and since the last three decades, it has been the strongest fort of TDP and from 1989, Chandrababu has been the unanimous winner.

However, things are now looking different and there are chances that Naidu might no longer hold fort. It is heard that YSRCP has got a thorough research done and it turns out that around 60000 members of Kuppam are now settled in various parts of Karnataka. So, the cause for Chandrababu's victory happens to be the fake votes.

Discovering this, YSRCP started the process of removing the fake votes prior to the last elections. YSRCP candidate and IAS officer Chandramouli had submitted a report to the election commission on this with the required evidence. He was strongly backed by Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy and his son Mithun Reddy.  As a result, Chandrababu who used to win with margins of nearly 50000 suddenly dropped to 30000 votes. And CM Jagan is more confident that with the removal of more fake votes, the victory of YSRCP and Chandrababu's defeat is more possible.

No wonder, Chandrababu who used to rarely visit Kuppam at one point is now touring this place once every month and working tirelessly. Despite his best efforts, if the fake votes thing is fixed the chances for his defeat is only going to increase.

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