Pakistan has only three weeks of money left for carrying imports and unless the International Monetary Fund (IMF) doesn't come to rescue, Pakistan is staring at an unprecedented existential crisis, worse than what Sri Lanka has seen in recent times.

The country is seeing record inflation, food and fuel shortage, miserable drop in currency value and a host of other political and security factors that are bringing down the country to the verge of collapse. The PM of the country, Shahbaz Sharif had recently stated that by waging wars with India, they achieved nothing and they themselves are to be blamed.

Now its Defence Minister has stated that even in India, the worshippers at mosques have never been killed but this happens only in Pakistan. The country is being advised even by its strongly supporting Muslim countries to mend relations with India, integrate with its economy and at least try to become as stable as Bangladesh. Pakistan is staring at an abyss, and the country has no future unless it comes out of the crisis and stops exporting terrorism, which is now killing the country from within.

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