At a time when tradition and festival rituals are on a decline, Indians in the USA are taking it to the next level. Credit goes to certain organizations which take deep interest and show that passion. The name of GATA stands tall in the list and recently they organized the GATA Sankranthi Sambaraalu 2023 which was an occasion to relish.

Co-sponsored by Splash BI and Everest Technologies, the event was anchored by Kalyani Abbagari and Madhavi Dasyam who wowed the audience with their wit and spontaneous talk. The event was filled with a galore of music, dance and literary performances. The venue was vibrant with kites festival, Rangoli competition, a small fete and other activities.

It attained a superb look with decorations from Creative Bells and the place was packed with nearly 1000 plus members. Some of the other highlights also involved some foot tapping music by DJ Satya Karnati, photography by Vaakiti and the enthusiastic participation from kids and adults alike in all the events. Later, the winners for all the categories were given prizes.

The organizers gave a special thanks to Kalyani and Madhavi for their excellent compeering. Last but not the least, sharing his thoughts was the chief coordinator Dr Tangirala Satyanarayana Reddy who stated how GATA is striving to practice and follow the Telugu traditions, festivals and all other activities which retain the essence of our roots despite being in a western world. He expressed his thanks to all the participants, the EC members, the organizers and other stakeholders and vowed to come up with many more of such interesting events in future. 

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