When the first installment of "Avatar" was released in the year 2009, it created smashing box office records. Now, after a gap of 13 years, the sequel part "Avatar: The Way of Water" has been released in theatres.

The second installment in the story starts from the Sully family while Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) in a new role heads a squad of soldiers who are fully geared up to eliminate Jack Sully, played by Sam Worthington. Jake along with Neytiri, and their kids escape from Pandora to remote islands supported by Ronal (played by Kate Winslet) and Tonowari (role essayed by Cliff Curtis). However, they are finally tracked down by Quaritch.  One can be left in no doubt about James Cameron, whose films are highly charged with special effects and cinematography. The same magic is repeated now in the 3D version of Avatar: The Water Way. The way Pandora Oceans has been portrayed is simply amazing.

The first Avatar revolved around the fictional planet of Pandora, with dense forests. The sequel begins in Pandora's forests, however, quickly the action shifts to reefs. Most of the film is based in Ocean backdrop. Right from the beginning, the battle lines are very clear, it’s about Jake Sully and his family fighting with the colonel. Here, Cameron has focused more this time on the plot’s human elements and family emotions.

The Sullys stay together, is the message Jake Sully clearly says in the movie while some part of it showcases Sully's kids and their exploits in the Ocean. The action episodes are really spectacular with 48 frames per second frame rate. The film’s final hour is quite worthy with many standalone moments. The fight sequences with Tulkan are good even as James Cameron imbibed many references to India’s culture in this visual spectacle.

The movie is about 3 hours and 15 minutes long, which looks a little tedious. "Avatar 2" is a film that should be seen in theatres like IMAX 3D for the great viewing experience. James Cameron has once again delivered a worthwhile film despite the lengthy running time. So far the movie collected $68 Million from the worldwide box office. The target is to make $2 Billion to make a breakeven. We have to see if it meets the expectation. 

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