With each passing day, the indications are getting strong that Jana Sena and TDP are going to form an alliance and contest in the upcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh. However, what is still not clear is, what kind of a seat sharing will take place if the alliance happens. For this, the political experts are sharing their insight.

They say that if the alliance is confirmed and if they share seats at a 50-50 ratio, they need to have a clear vision. They need to let people know beforehand who will become CM in the first phase and who will be CM for the second phase. Many believe this alliance will win and already few seniors are giving their advice to Chandrababu to go ahead with the alliance and the proposed ratio as per grapevine. But the question is, will Naidu agree?

His wish is to make Lokesh the CM. If the share happens and if Pawan wins more, the future of TDP and Lokesh will be in disarray. Recently when Pawan got some good response in Vizag, the yellow media didn't cover it and instead showed it as if it was CBN's strategy. They don't want Pawan as CM, they want him as a sidekick so the chances are that he would be given only 20 to 30 seats. But if that happens, Kapus will never vote for Naidu as they don't want to see him as CM. However, Naidu's fear is once power goes into Kapus hands Kammas will never get power. As it is, Kapus percentage is very high when compared to Kammas in Andhra Pradesh.

Though all believe the alliance and 50-50 share is going to happen, truth is, Jana Sena doesn't have cadre and not enough candidates to fill the seats. Even if they get candidates, they must have the money, power and manpower. Definitely Kapus will vote for Jana Sena but in case the alliance loses the election, the total cadre will vanish. TDP will no longer exist.

And here is one reality check. Recently when Lokesh was there at Kuppam, one party worker took the mic and said 'Lokesh sir, one request. All the surveys coming in favor of you are fake. Please understand the truth, the situation is worse here.' Immediately the mic was taken away and Lokesh said 'if we think like this, then how. Who are you to say the surveys are wrong'. That's the irony of things.

The final touch is, already people have seen Chandrababu and Jagan as CMs and their rule, they might have the itch to see Pawan as CM and give him that 'one chance' and if that perception gains momentum, the elections are going to become quite engaging.

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