The American President Joe Biden has been caught in more trouble with the discovery of a fresh batch of classified government records this time at a second location, in what is being seen as a growing political embarrassment for the incumbent in the White House.

The first cache was recently discovered at a private office in Washington DC which Biden had used after his tenure as vice-president. The matter is being investigated currently by the US Department of Justice at a time when the former president Donald Trump is facing a criminal investigation for allegedly stealing and storing classified files.

The original cache of more than 10 documents was found in November at the Penn Biden Center, a prominent think tank near the White House, but it has only come out this week. The documents reportedly include US intelligence memos as well as briefing materials related to countries like Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom.

Rishi Sunak’s Days Numbered?


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak is all set to face a storm soon with discontent brewing in his government, in a country where three have been three PM’s within a period of six months.

He is now facing fresh rebellion from party members. There’s a recent letter released by the Conservative Way Forward group which was signed by 40 Tory MPs who warned the UK PM that the tax prices are now too high and a lot of money can be saved on few recent policies related to diversity, equality and inclusion programs.

This new movement is also supported by peer Lord Cruddas and a billionaire conservative donor, which has become another pain for Sunak.  The government seems to be planning to tax the public at levels not seen right from the end of World War II. If the crisis becomes uncontrollable, he may be on his way out.

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