The government of UK is reportedly planning to introduce a national cryptocurrency or "digital pound", according to the economic secretary to the Treasury, Andrew Griffith who announced that the United Kingdom is on its way to becoming a world crypto hub.

Stablecoins will be having a predictable value and these are linked to the traditional currencies or assets like gold.  Central banks in many countries of the world are examining the launch of digital currencies.

The UK is looking at embracing potentially disruptive technologies, particularly in the strong fintech and financial sector and the government wants this potentially disruptive game-changing technology to not only challenge but also turbo charge the entire financial industry.

Saudi Arabia’s Moves For Pakistan’s Development

Saudi Arabias

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is looking at increasing the kingdom's assistance as well as investments in Pakistan. This is seen as a bold step toward providing a relief to the South Asian nation economy which is reeling from deadly floods.

The Saudi Fund for Development is expected to conduct a study that is aimed at increasing the deposits in Pakistan's central bank to about $5 billion from the figure of $3 billion earlier and it also expected to assess a new plan for increasing investments in Pakistan to $10 billion.

Pakistan is staring at a grave economic crisis with reports that it may go the Sri Lanka way. The government is trying really hard to avoid such a situation for the country.

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