The latest poll survey results published by India Today- C Voter group have made some surprising predictions. According to this survey, BJP may not get absolute majority this time with BJP and its allies able to secure 284 seats, which are just 12 more than the majority mark in Lok Sabha.

According to this survey, the Congress party led UPA has made good gains and is expected to perform well than last elections by getting around 191 seats while rest will go to smaller parties. Respondents in the survey however still voted for Narendra Modi as the popular PM candidate.

They also dismissed that Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yathra will have any impact. The interesting part is that the BJP's loss will be UPA's gain and no one can predict the final outcome as elections are more than one year away.

 Adani Faces Record Value Loss

Adani Group's shares have seen a sharp slump at a time when it was all set for an ambitious listing very soon. A report by a US group has mentioned that the Adani group is indulging in illegal boosting of shares and stakeholders value.

This report has allegedly exposed a lot of loopholes in the rise of Adani's empire and has rattled the financial sector. The opposition groups in India have declared that their stand gets vindicated over the undue benefits being extended by Modi government.

Adani has declared that they would take legal action against the group but damage has already been done with massive dip in the share value of Adani group of industries.

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